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Web Design & Hosting Articles

  • What Is Web Design?

    With the rise of the internet, having a good website is a necessity if you want your brand to succeed. A bad website will invariably hurt your brand. To that end, there has been a massive spike in the hiring of “web designers.” But what is web design, and what do web designers do?

  • Time to say Goodbye Google+

    By now you should be aware that Google+ is closing, and what you are going to do with your online identity.

  • Adwords v's GoogleAds

    Facebook & Google are 2 giants with massive reach when it comes to online advertising. Both have very similar game plans, but are very different in their approach.

  • Website Trends for 2019

    Over the years website trends have become quite subjective. Some even argue content should always come first in the design process.

  • limit.domains

    Zeus.host just finished limit.domains and it is live.

  • What is Cloud Hosting

    Cloud computing is where different services including servers, storage and applications are delivered through the Internet.