Cream Cheese Tarragon Chicken and Beets Salad Recipe

Here is a summer recipe everyone will love. It combines everyone’s favorite cheese Cream Cheese in a light salad with Tarragon, chicken and beets.

Here are the ingredients:

3 Tbsp Olive Oil
4 Beets
4 Cooked Chicken Breasts
4 Tbsp Dried Tarragon
4 Tbsp Cream Cheese
2 Tsp Apple Cider Vineger
Pad of Butter

First Boil the Beets and cook till done. Dice the cooked chicken into 1/4 inch pieces and dice the beets cover with butter and dried tarragon to cover. Set aside. Add all other ingredients and stir with a fork incorporating the chicken a bit. BBQ Chicken would work well. If you wanted to add anything you could add Peas blanched in soy sauce or asparagus tops, etc. Meant to be a unique side salad to have either on the go or just for fun this summer using a herb not commonly used but so enjoyable.

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SEOing a big company

SEOing a big company or website.

Im a SEO expert and web designer working for Zest.Host a web hosting and web design company, and it has been a year or more since i took on SEOing Zeus.Host for the long haul. Heres how I linked to the internet for seo.

Profile Links

One of the largest sources of links I got was from social media and other profile link s in about me sections or other locations. I simply joined as many of the social sites as i could and put my links in.

Made use of domain for sale pages

I had a bunch of domains i wanted to sell so i used them for links to pay for registration fee. I put rss from the web design blog on 35 or more domains that are listing there price and selling details to visitors. This gave me the bulk of my links.

I linked my website to

Misc. links

I searched for directories and submitted to both blog directories and internet directories that I thought were high quality.

I have 28,000 links now and its just a matter of time before we start being a player in the search engines for our primary keyword. Web host. Now we have a sufficient link base to go after the major players in the business. Hostgator and Godaddy for web design services. Sure we have a ways to go and a lot to work on but I’m optimistic. We are about to offer free hosting for a text link ad to our services page or other page. You would get free hosting every month 6 months at a time contract. Also we have a blog network and an advertising network so if your interested in advertising please let us know at

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Interesting GIF Commercial for Zeus.Host

Here’s Part one of a Commercial for Zeus.Host

Click on image below to see animation commercial

Here’s some from Zeus.Host Web Design Blog

Time to say Goodbye Google+
Time to say Goodbye Google+ By now you should be aware that Google+ is closing, and what you are going to do with your online identity.

Adwords v’s GoogleAds
Adwords v’s GoogleAds Facebook & Google are 2 giants with massive reach when it comes to online advertising. Both have very similar game plans, but are very different in their approach.

Website Trends for 2019
Website Trends for 2019 Over the years website trends have become quite subjective. Some even argue content should always come first in the design process.

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SEOing your Website

SEOing your Website from Zeus.Host


How do you get to the position where you are found on the web, without wasting wads of cash trying to do so?

Read More:>>SEOing your Website Article

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Internet Web Design Humor Cartoons

Humor – the lighter side of web design

Web Design Humor – Web Design Joke

Here are three web design cartoons:

We all need humor every day. Here is some of the kind making fun of web designing. Web designers can probably all relate to these cartoons promoting webmastering. Three really interesting cartoons about web design and hosting are offered for your enjoyment. If you like them email or comment that you like em and we will continue the humor route.

Web Designer wondering Banner

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Source for Web Design, Web Hosting and Domain Sales.

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The Internet and Brick and Mortar Businesses

The world is changing, and more people are turning to the internet to search for products and access services. It is important for brick and mortar businesses to have a have a strong online presence, as these businesses face a higher risk of losing customer appreciation and market share.
It is imperative to show consumers that the business is professional and easily accessible. When creating a website, it is crucial for web design cost to be taken into consideration and properly researched, as these fees are commonly offered to be paid monthly or yearly.
In this day and age, a powerful web and media presence allows businesses to grow financially, become accessible to a wider range of consumers, and establish more credibility as a whole.

The Value of a Web Presence
Websites are generally sold at ten dollars per month, although the type of domain needed for the website design can vary. For those looking to budget, there are deals offered for the purchase of a website, one year in advance, allowing entrepreneurs to prepare ahead of time and find a deal that is suitable for their budget, as web pages are crucial in boosting sales.
It is important for businesses to not only have an online presence, but also to demonstrate a web presence that it is interactive, informative, helpful, and easy to navigate, for customers of all ages.
Customers appreciate and value engaging information, professionalism, and reliability over an expensive web platform, so the quality of content and its ability to educate the public is more important than a complex, expensive, non-user friendly website.

Engaging an Audience
Businesses that post about their management style and inventory benefit from having a web presence, as many people tend to search online before going into stores, and enjoy the easy accessibility of browsing through inventories on websites. It is important for customers to have a clear and accurate description of a product, to avoid returns and exchanges, but also for the benefit of general customer satisfaction.
There is a lot of competitiveness amongst businesses in general. The creation of a professional website with a clear inventory that demonstrates all the details of a product, allows the customer to feel as though they are in the store. Active communication with online customer queries is also important in ensuring success in the competitive market. Websites, although they do not need to be complex, should include information about management, staffing, and origins, in order to build trust between the business and its consumers. This trust can result in acquiring repeat customers and referrals from happy customers.
Consumers like to know exactly who they are buying from, and this bond that they form with the administration is created as a result of the administration demonstrating their efforts in their origins, along with the hard work that has been put into creating and selling the products.

Creating a Website
Websites should and can be user-friendly for both the creator and the audience. Repeat customers are more likely to buy in bulk if they are satisfied by their first purchase from an online business, as it is simple to click around online and wait for products to be delivered home.
As social media plays a prominent role in this generation, it is likely that satisfied customers will share the website via social media, so it is beneficial to attach links to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and twitter. All of these are free and are a great tool for creating an even stronger web presence that can reach people of various age groups.
The value of investments and returns is worth the cost of creating a website and a social media presence. As an entrepreneur would need to invest in their brick and mortar business, they would also need to invest in their website. As technology is growing, newsletters and non-web based advertisements are held a limited benefit, if they are the only resources provided to the public. These types of advertisements do not reach as wide of an audience as the internet, but may also be perceived as a lack of modernization or an inability for a business to stay up-to-date with modern trends and resources.
Lastly, it is important for these businesses to consider their audience, while it is true that an older generation may rely or be attracted to non-web based advertising, there are still many instances where the older generation sees the internet as beneficial, as it allows them to access products from the comfort of their home, along with individuals who may not be as mobile.
Content is more important than web design, but the design should be taken into consideration when determining the audience and the types of fonts, colors, or logos that would attract them to the website. The internet is vast and represents opportunity, especially for brick and mortar businesses.

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Woman on Beach | Easy Find Directory Blog did a commercial with a woman on beach depicting a woman running on the beach and unleashed it on social media recently. This commercial consists of a woman on a beach and a motorcycle offering Business hosting. Posted on recently for an ad campaign for a new Hosting and web design company. The ad was made easily by said Madison Sall owner of “There are some errors its showing favorably on the various venues we’ve introduced it to like Google Plus, Youtube, Twitter.” Saying Madison. plans on coming out with a bunch more videos ranging from instructional to blog to ads in the future. “People want video” says Madison. Woman on beach commercial for below.

Here is the commercial with a Woman on Beach:

Video >> Beautiful Girl Dancing On Beach

Video >> 4 Wheelers and a PRIVATE Beach

Video >> Woman on Beach | Commercial

The Woman on the Beach – Movie links
For those looking for information on the 1947 film The Woman on the Beach find informative links below: >>

Movie Review from >>

IMDb >>

Post brought to you by: – Web Hosting and Web Design

8 Pictures for Woman on Beach

Woman on Beach with Pink Hat

Woman on Beach in Jeans Jumping

Woman Sitting on Beach

Woman on Beach Jumping

Woman on Beach by Coconut Tree

Girl in Bakini on Beach

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Finding the Right Vitamins and Supplements

A recommended resource by .

Food as vitamins

Finding the Right Vitamins and Supplements- Which vitamins and supplements are right for you?

In today’s age, it’s hard to know which vitamins and supplements are the right ones for your individual nutritional needs and requirements. According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, your dietary needs should get met by managing the food you eat. Not that vitamins and supplements aren’t reasonable or necessary. It means they shouldn’t substitute healthy foods. Read More..

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Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri with Mountain Dew Recipy – – Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri with Mountain Dew
Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri

5 cups Ice
1 tbs Sugar
1 Scoop of Strawberry Sherbert
1 Mountain Dew
1/4 cup Lemon Juice
1/8 cup Lime Juice
1 tbs honey
4 oz 151 Baccardi Rum
1 oz Captain Morgans Dark Rum
First marinate the strawberries overnight in the sugar, honey and lime juice. Then mix all ingredients into a blender and blend till smooth. Add 3 drops of blue food coloring for extra boost.
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The Internet Today – A look at it now

There are stores that can ship you products and the products are easy to find, easy to buy and easy to research. People can self publish. It’s a learning tool and research tool. It can deliver video, photo’s, music, text, Games, entertainment and humor around the globe. People communicate with their friends and family thru social media, instant messenger, video chatting and email. It has allowed businesses, companies and organizations to do a variety of functions ultimately increasing profits and sales. In December 2012 there were 634,000,000 million US websites.  There were 51 million new websites added that year. You can find more statistics at

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