Buying Refurbished Computers

Buying new computers is expensive, and it seems the moment you buy a new computer there is an even newer model on the market. For many, buying refurbished computers is a better solution. You can also pat yourself on the back, because you will also be going green as well. Here a few helpful pointers about buying refurbished computers:

  • Be honest: what do you really use your computer for? Do you aspire to become a Photoshop master, record the hottest new independent record, play lots of online games, or simply check your email? How you use the computer will determine the best model for you.
  • Find a great dealer who can assist you with buying refurbished computers. Check with the Better Business Bureau, friends, and online. You want to know you are dealing with quality merchandise and a skilled professional. This is not the time to hire your neighbor’s teenage son who “builds” computers. You don’t want someone who might be using illegally obtained programs or hardware. There are plenty of reliable refurbished computer dealers out there. All you need to do is ask around.
  • You must know your risks. Buying a refurbished computer from an online ad, a garage sale, or a friend isn’t generally the best route. Dealer guarantees will offer you a little extra security that your money is well spent.
  • You get what you pay for. If you are buying a refurbished computer that seems too good to be true, it absolutely is! A good deal is only as good as the product.
  • Find out if the dealer offers additional support with set up or maintenance. It’s easy to overlook such a small detail, but it could really make a difference in the long run.
  • Know what you are getting. Make sure that when you are buying a refurbished computer you are getting exactly what you want and need. Does the computer come with a monitor, CD/DVD drive? What are the return policies and guarantees?

Once you feel confident in buying refurbished computers, you’re ready to go out and find yourself a great deal.

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  1. Tomiko says:

    Outstanding information! I have been previously searching for something similar to this for a while now. Appreciate it!

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