Graphic Arts Jobs

As you surf the Web or watch animated movies or cartoons, you are looking at some of the best work in graphic arts jobs.  Graphic artists take ideas in communications and literally but a face on them, or create other great ideas to compel the consumer to view whatever is being distributed.  Sometimes, it is information or entertainment; sometimes, it’s a product or service.

The Job Market for Graphic Artists

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the job market for graphic artists in the coming year should grow at an average rate.  Interactive media is probably where the most growth will be realized.  For example, if you are an expert at Web Design or Animation, you will likely have a better chance of finding a good position.

However, the job market is still tight.  So, there is plenty of competition out there.  You will need to excel in your trade, in order to beat out the others who will be vying for the same job.

Education for Graphic Artists

To have a chance at an entry level position as a graphic artist, applicants are generally required to have the minimal of a BA degree in Graphic Arts.  You may have talent far beyond most of your competitors.  But, without that diploma, it will be hard to get your foot in the proverbial door.

In additions, as technology continues to advance and the Medias change with the times, it will be important to keep up with every new wonder in graphic arts.  It’s a constant learning process. Otherwise, some kid right out of college, with all the latest and greatest techniques in graphic artistry might apply for your job.

Why Enter the Job Market for Graphic Artists

If you love art, are a very creative individual, and love to problem solve, then you might want to consider becoming a graphic artist.  It isn’t just about creating a great website.  You will be planning and developing new ideas all of the time.  Your talent as an artist is only one element.

Think about it!  All you have to do is turn on the television or computer.  You see, experience, and interact with graphic art every day.  A graphic artist is behind most of the entertainment and businesses that the public uses every day.  Many people depend on a good graphic artist for their success.  What can be better than doing something you already love, every day, and getting paid for graphic arts jobs!

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