Painting for Fun with Acrylic Paints

If you love working with watercolors or oils, you should love painting for fun with acrylic paints.  The medium is the best of both worlds. Acrylics have the properties that most artists prefer in either type of paint.

Working with Acrylic Paints

If you like working with oil paints because of the consistency and the ability to create fine lines or give the canvas a 3 dimensional appearance, then you will like to work with acrylics.  The texture can be altered to your style of art.  Like oils, you can paint in layers without worrying that the definition will be lost, if the different colors bleed together.

The biggest difference between working with oils and acrylics is the drying time.  An oil painting can take days or even weeks to dry thoroughly.  The artist must protect the work, while being careful not to smudge the painting.

On the other hand, when painting for fun, with acrylics drying time is quick.  In a matter of minutes, the painting can be dry enough to add another layer or work on the painting without fear of damaging what is already done.  However, the paint will also quickly dry on the palette, so a timely squirt of mist while painting solves that problem.

Like acrylic paints, watercolors dry quickly.  But, the colors tend to bleed into one another.  Fine lines and definition are possible with watercolors, but texture isn’t an attribute.  Working with acrylics solves both of these problems.  Artists have the option to learn toward the look of an oil painting or watercolor.

The Benefits of Painting for Fun with Acrylic Paints

Many artists prefer the medium simple because of the benefits of acrylic paints.  Unlike oils, acrylics are:

  1. Easy to clean up
  2. Non-toxic
  3. Inexpensive

You don’t have to use turpentine to clean up acrylic paints.  Cleaning immediately after use will prevent the brushes from being ruined.  However, if the paint should dry, try some Dow bathroom cleaner with the scrubbing bubbles, then rinse with water and let the brushes dry.  Soap and warm water will do the trick, if your hands look a little too colorful after a project.

Acrylic paints are also non-toxic and inexpensive.  They don’t cost as much as oils and the paint will last a long time in the tube, as long as you remember to keep the cap on tightly after putting a little dab on your palette.

So, if you love the versatility of oils and the wonder of watercolors, you will probably find painting for fun with acrylic paints to be one of your favorite mediums for much of your artwork.

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