Shopping With Coupons

Do you love to shop and save money at the same time? I know we all do; did you know that there are people right now spending pennies on the dollar for their groceries? How are they doing it? Well that’s easy to answer, they use coupons. Everyday more and more people are using coupons and they are saving a ton of money in the process. You too can get your groceries for pennies on the dollar, but it will take some work and discipline.

Here are a few tips to help you out:

1. Try to be flexible regarding store and brand choices, if you are flexible with the brands that you choose you will save more money. Example: Let’s say that you buy Heinz Ketchup all the time, but you see a coupon for Hunt’s Ketchup which saves you $2.00 with a coupon you found and in the store circular Hunt’s Ketchup is also on sale for a $1.50 less. If you buy the Hunt’s Ketchup instead of Heinz you can save $3.50, this shopping trip. Now imagine if the store offered double coupons, you can potentially get the ketchup for free.  Now let’s take is a step further imagine if you could do this with every item you have your grocery list, need I say more?

2. Study multiple store’s sales circulars and search online to find the best sales.

3. Buy the Sunday newspaper and search the internet for coupons. You can maximize your savings by using the coupons when that same item goes on sale in the store. So know when to use them and where to find more of them, bookmark the coupon websites.

4. Next try and plan your meals and shopping list around what is on sale at these stores, also try and find coupons for these items if you can.

5. Be willing to shop at multiple stores, it will be to your advantage. Not everyone likes to do this, but if you study the circulars and can find matching coupons you will see how much you can save. Why? What may be on sale in one store may not be on sale at the store you normally shop in. Another thing you can do if you don’t want to shop at multiple stores is to find out if your store does price matches. Price match means the store will match the same price of item that is available at a competitor’s store.

6. Sign up and get shopper cards from various supermarkets. These shopper cards are like coupons, because you can also get discounts on food items if you use the cards with your grocery shopping. Try and see if you can even save more money by combining the coupons with your discount shopper card.

These are just some basic tips to get you on your way to saving money with coupons. Take some time and try different things to see what works for your family, eventually you see the savings.

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