Selling Art Online

You have a knack for art, and everyone keeps telling you that you should sell your work. You want to take the plunge and sell your art online. How do you sell your art online? This question may seem like an intimidating one, but have no fear selling your art online can be done!Art Palet

There are a ton of online websites and auctions that will help you sell your artwork.
The first thing you need to do is know and analyze your market, you did to analyze the pricing, this way you know how much you can sell you artwork for. Test the market and auction off of one or two of your signature pieces on eBay or any other auction site and see what people think of it, see how much they sold for. If you don’t want to try this approach, see what other artists in your category are selling their art for online, you can also see what kind of prices people are paying if you search through the auction sites.

You can also check out sites like,, and these sites offer artist a place to exhibit and sell their art. To find even more sites where you can sell your art, do a Google or Yahoo search for “selling art online”. You can also start your own website; where you don’t have to share space with other artist. There are a lot of places online where you can build your site for free, if money is an issue.

Be sure you contact everyone on your email list and let them know you are selling your art online. Have them contact everyone on their lists as well. You can easily set up an email newsletter and let others know that you are selling your artwork and then they can keep up to date on the latest art pieces you have available for sale.

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