Budget Decorating Tips

You don’t have to hire an interior designer or have a complete DIY shop in the garage to update your home’s look. There are lots of ways to freshen things up and still stay within your decorating budget.

Paint Those Walls
Paint is a relatively low cost way to change a room and it is easy to do yourself. Neutral walls are great if you like to change the color accents in your room with pillows and wall accessories. Bold color on the walls, or even on one wall of a room, will make a big impact. The paint departments at home improvement stores have lots of ideas for interesting color combinations. There are brochures at the store and online tools that can help you envision what you room would look like in the new color. Don’t skimp on paint, though. Buying really good quality paint, brushes, and rollers makes the job easier to do and will yield better results when the project’s finished.

Repurpose Old Furniture
An older piece of furniture can be given new life by a new finish. Stripping and refinishing involves some work, but you will love the end result. The key is to have enough imagination to look past what the piece looks like now to what it could look like later. In addition to what you might have in your living room or garage, you may be able to pick up older pieces at garage sales or thrift stores that are worth your time. If course, if you have always wondered whether that old table you got from your grandmother might be worth something on Antiques Road Show, you should probably have it evaluated before starting in.

Sew, Sew, Sew
If you know how to sew, you have a whole world of designer fabric waiting for your creative talents. Budget decorating can inspire to make all sorts of colorful accessories for your room like pillows, window treatments, and tablecloths fairly cheaply if you can wait for the fabric to go on sale. If you are really ambitious you could even try a reupholstering project. Fabric is available in stores as well as online.

If you can’t afford new furniture, maybe all you need to do is to rearrange what you already have to change the feel and focus of the room. Perhaps just one new piece would be all you need in a newly configured design.

Call Your Friends
If you have a creative friend, ask him or her for advice. A friend can look at your home with a more objective perspective and may see how to change a room to maximize its impact. This is design help on the cheap.

Enlist a crew to come and help you paint. This will help get the project done quickly and cheaply, and they will probably be glad to help if you provide a nice dinner after the job is done.

If you have a tight budget, decorating doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t even have to do the whole room at the same time. Try to develop an overall vision for your room, and work on different aspects of the project as you have the time and money

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