Creating an Outdoor Room

Outdoor living spaces have become increasingly popular as places to relax, spend time with family, and entertain guests. If you already have a deck or patio, creating an outdoor room may be as simple as adding extra seating and decorative elements. Even if you don’t already have a defined area in your backyard, creating your dream space is a project well worth the investment.

Before you begin shopping for design ideas, decide on what your outdoor room will primarily be used for. Do you plan to host large parties, create a space for the kids, or craft your own personal retreat? The purpose of the room will determine its size, how much seating you’ll need, whether you need a dining area or fireplace, and how you plan to decorate.

Once you have an idea of how your outdoor space will be used, you’ll need to define the area and separate it from the rest of your yard. The easiest way to do this is by creating an actual floor rather than simply using grass or mulch. Wood, concrete, and tile all make great outdoor flooring options. This step will be much easier if you already have an existing deck or patio to work with, but even if you don’t, building a floor will give the room a more definite and finished feel. You can also use other design elements such as a low wall, hedge, or decorative fence to help separate the outdoor room from your lawn.

Next, it’s time to choose seating and lighting for your outdoor living area. Don’t skimp on outdoor furniture, since you’ll want it to hold up under exposure to the elements. Lighting options can include built in features, fireplaces, recessed stair lighting, path lighting, and even gas- or propane-fueled novelty lighting. If you plan to use the outdoor space during cooler months, consider adding a fireplace or wood stove that will provide heat as well as light.

The final and most enjoyable step in creating your outdoor room is decorating. Add potted plants, trellises, throw cushions, and other decorative items to suit your taste and to make your room feel either more or less formal. Also, consider adding a built-in waterfall or freestanding fountain to promote tranquility, beauty, and relaxation.

Outdoor living spaces offer the opportunity to experience the beauty of nature while still enjoying comfortable surroundings. Making an investment in outdoor living can increase the value of your home while also creating a perfect place to relax, entertain, and dream.

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