Fun Dates

What makes a great date? That can depend on the people, of course, and what stage your relationship is in. Creative dates are those that are full of fun and that encourage good conversation. They don’t always have to expensive, either, as you will see from the tips below.

Dinner Date

Dinner Date

Moderately Active and Fairly Cheap
Consider a trip to the bowling alley or a roller rink. Even if you aren’t very good at these activities, you will probably spend a few hours laughing with and at each other, and it can be a great time to find out what your special someone really is like. These are also great activities to share with another couple if you aren’t quite ready for one-on-one.

Outdoor Excitement
If you or your date is an outdoorsy person, hiking some local trails is a fun thing to do together. Going for a scenic bike ride that includes a nice lunch spot can be fun, too. Some areas have stables that offer horseback riding, either in a park, or with some kind of destination.

Date Night

Date Night

Check out your local internet listings. If your date is adventurous, consider going rafting or kayaking for a fun day.

Sporting events are available year round in most cities. This activity is great because you get to enjoy the game as well as talk. Rooting for the same team can add some extra connection, as well.  If the companionship is more important than the quality of the game itself, you might have just as much fun at a local park watching the Friday night softball games as at a big stadium. Theater and musical events abound, and you may be able to get a good deal on tickets from a smaller venue.

Take a Class Together
Take a cooking class or an art class together. You may be surprised at your own or your date’s creativity, and there will be plenty of time together in a more structured environment.

Do Some Sightseeing
The truth is that most of us don’t visit the touristy places in our own area. Try to look at your city or town as a tourist might, and take a tour, visiting some of those local or close-by attractions that you haven’t thought of before. These could include a day trip to nearby natural landmarks or visits to local museums. Out-of-the-way specialty museums are sometimes really fun.

We all tend to get stuck in the same old rut. Try to think outside the box and devise a fun date for you and your partner. If you are a new dating couple or if you have been married for years, fun times together are a great way to find out more about each other and create a stronger bond.

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