Opera at the Movies

As the artistic medium of opera enjoys a resurgence of popularity, people around the country are realizing what enthusiasts have known for centuries–that it is an exciting, emotionally gripping art form to those who take the time to learn its unique language. Today, a brilliant project has removed nearly every objection that a newcomer could pose to giving opera a try.

The Live in HD program brings live, high definition broadcasts of the nation’s best known opera venue, the Metropolitan Opera House in New York, to the comfortable setting of your town’s movie theater. For a fraction of the cost of a ticket to the Met, you can show up in your sweats and recline in a theater seat while you experience the work of the world’s greatest vocalists, instrumentalists, set and costume designers–not to mention some of the most powerful music ever composed.

For years, the Metropolitan Opera has broadcast select productions live over public radio, but this new partnership takes the company’s outreach efforts to a new level. Many people who would be unlikely to buy a full-priced opera ticket are willing to visit their favorite multiplex for an evening of something different.

Need to step out for a restroom break? No problem. Don’t know when to clap? Doesn’t matter; the performers won’t hear you anyway. And perhaps most importantly, you can be sure that your view will be better than any seat at the Met itself, featuring close-up shots and camera angles that would be unavailable in person.

Even seasoned opera goers relish the unprecedented opportunity to see live performances by legendary singers without traveling and paying a fortune for admission. If you have not yet experienced the unique sound of opera, these unbelievable voices are the best ones to introduce you to it. The music is not the only attraction of a live broadcast from the Met, though. Set, lighting, and costume design comprise an art form all their own, and many directors stretch the limits of their capabilities by incorporating technology with traditional techniques.

If you are looking for a “pain-free” way to find out why so many people love the opera, check out the Live in HD website at The Metropolitan Opera to see if there is a participating cinema in your town. Instead of sitting through Hollywood’s latest romantic comedy this weekend, take part in one of Western culture’s oldest art forms, broadcast live from the Met. You might be hooked for life!

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