Success in the New Year

Even though New Year’s Day has officially come and gone, it’s not too late to make some New Year resolutions. In order for your goals to be successful, take some time to plan ahead and think through what you want to accomplish.

Your Resolutions Should Be Obtainable
Don’t fall into the trap of making huge resolutions that probably won’t be accomplished. If you want to lose a hundred pounds this year, divide the goal into reasonable chunks, like losing 8-10 pounds each month. Be sure to incorporate goals for healthier eating and regular exercise in you resolutions since these will both help you lose the weight.

Make your goals attainable by evaluating your current lifestyle and making small gradual changes, instead of trying to fix everything at once. For instance, if you want to read more books during this year, evaluate how much you currently read, the amount of free time you have to read, and how much you enjoy reading. If you currently read nothing at all during the day, take some time at bed time or in the morning to read a couple pages. As you get used to that schedule, add more pages if time allows.

Your Resolutions Should Be Measurable
Nothing is more frustrating than resolutions that seem to take forever to accomplish. When making your resolutions, be sure to word them in such a way that you can accomplish something every day or at least every week. When you can measure progress, you’ll be encouraged to continue pressing on to accomplish the big goal!

So, what are measurable goals? Well, if you want to increase your physical activity word your resolution to reflect an increase in your current activity level. For instance, can you walk during your lunch break? Perhaps you could walk to a nearby restaurant instead of driving. Or bring your own lunch and take a 30-minute walk before or after you eat.

One good way to make measurable goals is to replace current bad habits with good habits. Do you eat a sweet dessert after dinner every day? Don’t totally eliminate the sweets at once but gradually replace your calorie laden desserts with fresh fruit or a low calorie option.

The Value of Properly Written Resolutions
When you make your resolutions obtainable and measurable, you’ll be much more likely to stick with them throughout the year. Keep track of your progress throughout the year and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you start seeing good changes!

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