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How New Domain Names Will Change the Internet

Most of the websites you visit on the Internet probably end with the domain “.com.” Other common domains, like .edu, .org, and .gov., are reserved for companies and organizations in specific fields. As you can imagine, the relatively small number … Read More

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Basics of Juicing

Juicing has become popular among organic enthusiasts, raw food advocates, and vegetarians. People who juice credit the concoctions they make with eliminating sickness, boosting energy, and promoting digestive health. The best part about juicing is its simplicity. By understanding just … Read More

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Microsoft set to compete in smart phone market

The world of computing has changed fundamentally in the past two or three years. IBM’s original personal computer became the desktop, which became the laptop, which became the sub-notebook, which became the Palmtop (remember Palm computers), which became the iPhone, … Read More

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Hope for Hollywood Summer Blockbusters

Remember when you could anticipate a summer movie season full of movies that didn’t feel like they were pulled off a Xerox machine? Probably not. And with increasingly disturbing trends in the US economy, Hollywood’s offerings are becoming even less … Read More

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