SEOing a big company

SEOing a big company or website.

Im a SEO expert and web designer working for Zest.Host a web hosting and web design company, and it has been a year or more since i took on SEOing Zeus.Host for the long haul. Heres how I linked to the internet for seo.

Profile Links

One of the largest sources of links I got was from social media and other profile link s in about me sections or other locations. I simply joined as many of the social sites as i could and put my links in.

Made use of domain for sale pages

I had a bunch of domains i wanted to sell so i used them for links to pay for registration fee. I put rss from the web design blog on 35 or more domains that are listing there price and selling details to visitors. This gave me the bulk of my links.

I linked my website to

Misc. links

I searched for directories and submitted to both blog directories and internet directories that I thought were high quality.

I have 28,000 links now and its just a matter of time before we start being a player in the search engines for our primary keyword. Web host. Now we have a sufficient link base to go after the major players in the business. Hostgator and Godaddy for web design services. Sure we have a ways to go and a lot to work on but I’m optimistic. We are about to offer free hosting for a text link ad to our services page or other page. You would get free hosting every month 6 months at a time contract. Also we have a blog network and an advertising network so if your interested in advertising please let us know at

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